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Advertise Across Multiple Channels

With various placement options and the ability to insert multiple asset types (video, audio, image), create diversified and effective ad campaigns across niche-specific channels and content allowing you to target audience by interests, demographics, and location.

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Everything In Real-Time

Not only does AdKinetix allow for real time ad-insertion into active content, it also generates visual analytics in real-time. Whether you want a performance overview of all your active campaigns or filter analytics by campaign or advertisement, AdKinetix will bring you the most up-to-date information.

Notice an ad isn’t doing as well as you would have liked? No problem! With AdKinetix, you can customize your ad campaigns in real-time.

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Navigation Simplicity

Our single dashboard view, simple navigation, and visual campaign management allows one-click access to:

  • Analytics
  • Campaigns
  • Advertisements
  • Reports
  • Asset Upload
  • Advertisement Creation

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